Term deposits

Rigensis Bank AS offers to its customers to deposit free funds in the Bank’s time deposit programs, providing for reception of a guaranteed income.

Term deposit conditio ns may vary as to term length, interest rates and ways of payment of the interest accrued, for exa mple:

  • term deposit with interest payment at maturity;
  • term deposit with periodical interest payment.

Term deposit is appropriate solution, if the customer wants:

  • to increase free funds by investing them for a fixed term in a financial instrument generating stable income;
  • to receive a guaranteed income for his/her deposit;
  • at any time to exercise his/her right to receive the amount of the term deposit before the contractual expiration date.

If the depositor already has a current account with the Bank, he/she can easily and quickly make a term deposit through the internet bank, which may also be used for keeping track of the interest accrued.

Current interest rates

Information about deposit guarantees.

Information about income tax applicable to capital growth.