Remote account management

Thanks to precise, secure and speedy remote account management technologies available online worldwide, a modern bank is always on your desktop.

Our customers highly value their time and want to manage their financial resources efficiently, quickly and conveniently. Remote account management allows saving time, conveniently using the Bank’s services and executing transactions – it is for these reasons that the majority of customers choose remote account management systems. The Bank recognises remote account management as one of the crucial and important cooperation types between the Bank and the customers.

We are happy to offer:

  • modern remote account management system – Internet Banking that allows multiple user access, as well as guarantees detailed access right distribution and protection from unauthorised transactions,

and as auxiliary tools to the Internet Banking, we offer:

  • account management by fax;
  • telephone banking.

You should consider applying for this product if:

  • you need access to the company’s accounts worldwide at all times via the Internet;
  • you want to have latest information on your account, performed transactions, and terms and conditions of services;
  • you want to perform all types of transactions on your accounts quickly and conveniently;
  • you want to sign agreements for the Bank’s products and services you are interested in;
  • you want to exchange information with the Bank via a secure communication channel;
  • you want to grant various access levels to users of the Internet Banking and various access rights to the company’s accounts;
  • you plan to perform currency exchange transactions over the telephone;
  • you want to receive latest financial information on the account and on transactions performed on the account;
  • you want to be able to manage your accounts even without Internet access – to manage your accounts via fax.

Internet – Banking User Manual.

Remote execution of financial transactions would require use of the authorisation tool Digipass – an electronic device used for remote account management that generates unique digit codes. Digipass allows the Bank duly identify the customer when rendering remote services. Code Calculator DIGIPASS User Manual.

Rigensis Bank AS offers its customers freedom of actions and safety of their funds.