SMS Service

At customer’s request, Rigensis Bank AS can link to the card account to the SMS Service.

With the SMS Service you will be able to:

  • receive information on executed and declined transactions with your card;
  • send requests and receive messages about the balance on your card account and the last 5 authorized transactions;
  • if several cards are linked to your account, you can easily control the transactions that are conducted with all payment cards;
  • several payment cards can be linked to one mobile phone number, whereas only one phone number can be attached to one card

To use the SMS Service you will need:

  • a mobile phone with text messaging enabled;
  • mobile connection provided by a Latvian mobile network operator or a foreign mobile network operator that has a partnership contract with "Infobip".
Instructions for the use of the SMS Service

If you wish to apply for the SMS Service, please contact the Bank in person or through the Internet Bank.