Information about the bank providing services

Information about the Bank

Legal address 3 Teātra Street, Riga, Republic of Latvia, LV-1050
Address of the central office 3 Teātra Street, Riga, Republic of Latvia, LV-1050
Phone +371) 67 55 55 51, 66 11 88 00
Fax (+371) 67 33 33 03

Registration data and licences of the Bank

Uniform registration number 40103429440
Place of registration: Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia
Data of registration: 17.06.2011
Number of the credit institution licence:
Data of the credit institution licence: 20.06.2011
Supervisory authority: Financial and Capital Market Commission, address: 1 Kungu Street, Riga, LV-1050, phone: 67774800, fax: 67225755, e-mail:; Internet address:

Contacting the Bank

Language: The main operational language at the Rigensis Bank AS is Latvian, but the Bank can also provide services to its clients in Russian and English.

Contact: The Bank can be contacted both in person by visiting the Bank’s Central Office, by telephone, in writing or via a remote account management system in the Internet bank. Transactions involving financial instruments that can be carried out by using the communication method defined in the Agreement on Transactions with Financial Instruments on the Currency Market.

Financial information and reports

The Bank operates in compliance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia and provides reports to its clients on a regular basis in accordance with the requirements thereof and within the set time limits. In accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments, the Bank publishes financial information about its operation and performance at