Basic Account

Current account with basic features (hereinafter, the Basic Account) with Rigensis Bank AS is available to consumers – private individuals resident in the European Union (citizens of the Republic of Latvia, non-citizens of the Republic of Latvia or citizens of another European Union member state, European Economic Area member state or Swiss Confederation, as well as persons entitled to reside in Latvia in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia), including persons who are not granted a residence permit, but whose expulsion from Latvia in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia is impossible.

Services offered by Rigensis Bank AS within the Basic Account include:

1) Multi-currency current account:

  • Current account opening, maintenance and closure;
  • Crediting of funds to the current account;
  • Credit transfers, if the payee’s account is opened with a payment service provider in Latvia or European Union member state.
2) MasterCard Mass debit card:

  • Cash withdrawals at automated teller machines;
  • Payments through a payment card, including online payments.
3) Internet Bank:

  • Submission of orders for credit transfers via Internet Bank.

To apply for Basic Account services, the consumer should submit to Rigensis Bank AS a declaration stating that he/she does not hold a current account with another credit institution located in Latvia, which enables consumers to make use of the services listed above.

Basic Account services may be refused and terminated in cases provided in the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money of the Republic of Latvia.

The purchase of additional services is not compulsory in order to access a Basic Account.

Price List for the Basic Account is available in the Price List section.