Rigensis Bank AS complies with all requirements of the Law on Credit Institutions and other regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia that cover confidentiality of customers’ data and their performed transactions. In a wider sense, it is a professional approach and strict compliance with confidentiality principles while processing customer personal and economic information – their responsible use, storage and non-disclosure.

Information about customers of Rigensis Bank AS and their transactions is only available to the employees whose direct duties include customer service, processing or control of transactions. Customer data can only be disclosed to third parties if the customer and the bank have agreed thereupon or in cases stipulated by regulatory enactments. Employees of Rigensis Bank AS have been trained and are aware of the Bank’s requirements towards confidentiality of customers’ data and transactions.

Rigensis Bank AS takes care and makes sure that its employees both comply with the non-disclosure policy and do not allow disclosure of personal confidential information as a result of intentional or unintentional actions (inaction) or insufficient security of information systems. Rigensis Bank AS employees act honestly on all levels and take care about information security, its appropriate use, processing and storage in compliance with internal regulatory documents of Rigensis Bank AS covering classification and use of such information.


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