Disclosure of information

Disclosure of Information

In accordance with the requirements of Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) № 575/2013 of June 26, 2013 on prudential requirements for credit institutions and investment brokerage companies, which amends the Regulation (EC) № 648/2012, and in accordance with Article 36.3 of the Credit Institutions Law, Rigensis Bank AS (hereinafter, the Bank) in its Information Disclosure Statement discloses the information on the risk management objectives and policies, own funds, capital requirements, exposure to counterparty credit risk, capital buffers, credit risk adjustments, unencumbered assets, use of external credit assessment institutions, exposure to market risk, remuneration policy and leverage.

Transactions with Financial Instruments

Information on the investment services and ancillary investment services, in accordance with the Financial Instruments Market Law, as well as the Bank's internal regulations governing the provision of the aforementioned services, is available in the “Investment Services” and “Brokerage Services” sections of the Bank’s website.

Customer Complaints and Claims Policy

The Bank’s Customer Complaints and Claims Policy approved by the Bank’s Supervisory Board is available on the Bank's website.