Igor Tsyplakov

One of the founders of ICT Group brand, was one of NOMOS–bank shareholders, implemented a number of large investment projects in Russia, launched Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant and currently is the Chairman of its Board of Directors.

Mr. Igor Tsyplakov is holder of 79,52% of stock of the Rigensis Bank AS

Alexei Gudaytis

One of the founders of ICT Group brand, launched a number of high–technology companies in Russian strategic industries. Graduated from the Leningrad Technological Institute, specialized in «Radioactive Chemistry», received degree in Technical Science.

Mr. Alexei Gudaytis directly holds 0.54% of stock in the Rigensis Bank AS.

Dmitry Sokolov

One of the most efficient leaders among commercial banks top management. For over than 20 years was at the wheel of the largest Russian banks, including NOMOS-bank in the period from 1997 to 2012. Currently holds the position of chairman of the supervisory board of Inbank and member of the supervisory board of Rigensis Bank.

Mr. Dmitry Sokolov is a holder of 8,95% stocks of the Rigensis Bank AS.

ICT Holding Ltd (Cyprus)

ICT Holding Ltd (ICTH) is an investment company founded in May 2013 and incorporated in Cyprus. Some of the assets that were previously under the ICT Group umbrella brand are now held by ICT Holding ltd. ICT Holding invests in stable and successful companies, as well as new businesses with competitive advantages in terms of technology, know-how, licences and access to limited natural resources.

The sector focuses of ICTH’s investments include finance, mineral and precious metal mining, freight rail transportation, commercial real estate and industrial development.

Visit ICT Holding Ltd webpage here.

ICT Holding Ltd is a holder of 9,97% stocks of the Rigensis Bank AS.


Together hold 1,02% stocks of the Rigensis Bank AS.