A term deposit is a convenient, secure, and easy way to receive additional income from savings. By making a deposit in Rigensis Bank AS, you can increase your income and be confident about tomorrow. If the Bank changes its interest rates, the interest rate specified in the contract shall remain the same during the entire period of validity of the contract.

Each client can choose the most appropriate type of deposit:

  • a term deposit with interest payment at maturity;
  • a term deposit with periodic payment of interest.

A term deposit is an optimum solution, if the client wants:

  • to save free funds by investing them in financial instruments, which generate stable income for a fixed term;
  • to receive a guaranteed income for his/her invested capital;
  • to use the right of prescheduled termination of deposit contract under favourable terms and conditions at any time.

You can make a term deposit, as well as track the interest accrued through the Internet Banking system.

Information about deposit guarantee

Current interest rates

Tariffs for legal entities/non-residents of the Republic of Latvia

Tariffs for legal entities/residents of the Republic of Latvia