Remote Account Management

A modern bank can operate on your desktop due to modern and secure remote account management technologies available online worldwide. Our clients value their time highly and want to manage their funds quickly, effectively, and conveniently. Remote account management will save you time and ensure convenient work with the Bank. The Bank pays great attention to the quality, convenience, and security of the remote account management system and we are happy to offer you the following:

  • a modern remote account management system — Internet Banking which ensures the option to connect several users, as well as guarantees the detailed distribution of user rights and protection from unauthorised transactions,

and in addition to Internet Banking:

  • account management by fax;
  • telephone banking.

You should consider using our product, if you require:

  • access to company accounts at any time and in any place of the world where Internet is available;
  • topical information on your accounts, completed transactions, and terms and conditions of service;
  • the ability to perform all types of transactions on your accounts quickly and conveniently;
  • the ability to enter into contracts for Bank products and services you are interested in;
  • the ability to exchange information with the Bank via a secured communication channel;
  • differentiated access levels and rights for different ways of use of the Internet Banking system to the company's accounts;
  • the ability to make currency transactions by phone;
  • topical financial information on your account balance and transactions by phone;
  • the ability to manage an account even if the Internet is unavailable — via account management by fax.

Internet – Banking User Manual.

Remote account management requires the use of a digit code Digipass (an electronic tool). - Digipass is provided by the Bank and generates a unique digit code which ensures the client identification. Rigensis Bank AS assists its clients, ensuring their freedom of action and confidence in the security of their funds. Code Calculator DIGIPASS User Manual.