Payroll projects

Regardless of the number of employees or size of your company, the Bank's experts will find an optimum plan for the implementation of a payroll project both in terms of issuing plastic cards and transferring money to the employees' personal accounts. Wages may be paid into accounts held with Rigensis Bank AS or to any other account worldwide as per the employee's choice.

Issuance of Plastic Cards

Implementation of a payroll project with the issuance of plastic cards from Rigensis Bank AS is the most efficient solution for optimizing accounting operations as it eliminates expenses for cash collection and exposure to risks related to cash transactions. Employees of the company will benefit from international payment systems and be able to quickly and easily manage their funds, namely, to make payments worldwide, to withdraw cash from ATMs or to pay for their purchases in stores.


The Bank offers implementation of payroll projects through the issue of cards within the international MasterCard payment system. You can choose MasterCard Mass and/or MasterCard Platinum for your employees. All cards incorporate a chip and the most up-to-date security features.

Unconventional Individual Approach

The Bank offers an individual approach to each and every customer. Payroll projects may be implemented both in transnational holding companies and companies employing a large number of foreign specialists who need to transfer their funds to accounts held with the banks in their residence countries.

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