Fiduciary services

Rigensis Bank AS is pleased to offer services that help its customers to finance new projects on behalf of the Bank, to create asset management plans and invest their funds in commercial activities or financial instruments. Likewise, they can entrust management of their funds to the Bank based on mutual trust and an individual approach to each customer's needs.

Fiduciary Loans

Every business deal is different and every asset management strategy is unique because the Bank focuses on providing exclusive solutions to each individual customer.

This service is intended for customers who are willing to authorize the Bank to confidentially and safely invest their funds on behalf of the Bank in the assets selected by the customer. In this particular transaction, the Bank acts as an investment agent for the customer that ensures:

  • confidentiality of a transaction as financing is done on behalf of the Bank;
  • protection of assets against 'third parties' – the customer is not the direct creditor and is protected against the possibility of an impact on his business by the borrower or third parties in connection with the granted loan;
  • an option to consolidate assets within the same holding or a group of related companies; granting of loans from one holding company to another or within a group of companies;
  • a possibility to implement various debt restructuring models;
  • a professional approach to transaction planning and their supervision by the Bank;
  • much higher yield compared to conventional term deposits.

Fiduciary Deposits

The Bank offers regular short-term (with a maturity of up to 30 days) and term (up to 1 year) placement of the customer's free funds in the interbank market.

In this particular transaction, the Bank acts as an investment agent for the customer that guarantees total confidentiality of the transaction. The Bank offers placement of the customer's free funds in the form of deposits in first-class European and Russian banks, and ensures:

  • total confidentiality of the customer;
  • placement of free funds in the interests and based on the order of the customer in line with the chosen level of risk and for the period of time indicated by the customer, and on mutually agreed terms and conditions;
  • attractive interest rates depending on the market situation, as well as currency and terms of placement of free funds;
  • much higher yield compared to conventional term deposits*.

The credit risk of the partner bank is assumed by the customer, however, the partner banks are the highest rated credit institutions therefore the possibility of losing money is very low.

The Bank manages assets entrusted by the customer as a caring owner and a professional property manager.

Rigensis Bank AS offers its customers the possibility to choose the most beneficial and secure options for the placement of free funds.

* when placing free funds in the partner banks of certain jurisdictions which are not EU Member States, the interest income from such placement is subject to tax.