Information and Trading System QUIK

QUIK is an acronym for the Quickly Updateable Information Kit. QUIK is an information and trading system with a high data transfer rate and direct access to the auctions for the organisation of one's own transactions on financial markets (Internet trading). Today, QUIK is the most popular trading platform, enabling access to all Russian, Ukrainian, and foreign exchanges through a single trading terminal. QUIK is used by more than 250 financial organisations for servicing tens of thousands of clients.

QUIK Workstation is a software package intended to trade securities via the Internet. All the data are shown in windows, tables of different purposes and charts. “Screen bookmarks” are intended to conveniently arrange a large number of windows – virtual screens which can be switched by clicking shortcuts located on the side of the screen. The table of current parameter values shows the current state of stock auctions, including on different stock markets or auction modes. The change in prices is marked with different colours: green – growth, red – drop in price, yellow – conclusion of a transaction for the same price. The context menu table provides access to the most popular functions – entry of an order, a quotes window and charts, notifications, etc. The quotes window (quotes glass) shows the line of orders with the best prices for a certain instrument. Due to a wide range of settings, the line can be presented in a way that is suited to a particular instrument. The panel for order entry allows entering a new order with a single click, whereas the “drag-and-drop” function allows changing active orders by dragging them. The “divided glass” shows all the price steps, including those that have no set quotes. The “combined glass” shows quotes in different markets in one line.

In QUIK, charts can be created not only for price and amount data, but also for any numeric parameter. Thanks to the quote archives, the charts show the history of auctions for previous trading sessions. QUIK supports over 30 technical indicators, lines, angles, and Fibonacci arcs, as well as drawing trends, horizontal/vertical lines and graphics and text marks. The chart for bond profitability shows the comparative profitability of different issues depending on the period of repayment. The data from most of the tables can be exported to MS Excel (via DDE protocol) and databases (via ODBC) in real time mode. The information received may be used by other programmes in automatic trading strategies and other data processing algorithms. QUIK data may be transferred to other technical analysis packages such as Amibroker, Equis Metastock, Omega Tradestation and Wealth-Lab Developer.

The import of transactions is used for the automation of trading operations, connection of decision-making support systems and different “trading robots”. Transactions may be imported by means of text files or via the software interface (API).

The possibilities of the QUIK Workstation may be expanded by using the QPILE integrated algorithmic language. It can be used to program additional tables, in which specific parameters are calculated, mark signals of trading strategies on the charts by using tags, create orders and send them to the trading system.